Some non-academic stuff we're digging

We've gotten a lot of feedback from people about the end of our episodes when we recommend creations we're enjoying--usually TV or music, but sometimes podcasts. We thought it would be fun to compile a brief highlight reel of some of these items, in between shows.


Andy loves Weezer and Jeff Rosenstock.

Elizabeth loves Superchunk, Janelle Monae, Alvvays, and Snail Mail. Lots of Snail Mail these days.

Remember that musicians benefit a lot when you buy their music on Bandcamp!


TV Shows

Andy loves Love (Netflix), Westworld (HBO), and Atlanta (FX). But who doesn't love Atlanta?

Elizabeth enjoyed the Garry Shandling documentary (HBO) and Ugly Delicious (Netflix).


Elizabeth digs Larry Wilmore's Black on the Air.

Andy recommends Faculty of Horror.


Elizabeth doesn't get to see films anymore because she's old.

Andy is into Marvel films and Hereditary. He does not recommend A Quiet Place, so we're not linking to it. So there.

What have we missed? Do you have music, TV, podcasts, or movies that you think we or our listeners would particularly like? Let us know in the comments!