Episode 8, "Knee 'Em in the Groin"

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Male Art in the Age of # MeToo

Jumping off from the news of Bill Cosby's conviction, Andy and Elizabeth talk about if we can still appreciate the art of scumbags, jerks, and criminals. 

Elizabeth brings up Melville's wife beating, and Andy rails against the failure of the humanities and also works through some of his relationship issues with Woody Allen.

We also learn about Margaret Mitchell's erotica. Who knew? (FYI: this does NOT make her a scumbag.)

Essays we talked about in this episode:

Richard Brody, "Watching Myself Watch Woody Allen Films," The New Yorker

Claire Dederer, "What Do We Do With the Art of Monstrous Men?" The Paris Review

Elizabeth Renker, "Herman Melville, Wife-Beating, and the Written Page," American Literature (subscription required)